Drink Deep - Chloe Neill 1 1/2 years ago I read the last Chicagoland Vampires book and I could pick up right where I left, I did not forget a thing about Merit's world. I more or less abandoned the series because in a lot of reviews for #5 was mentioned that Ethan returns from the dead.

Finally, I gave it a chance again, because someone put it up in the PKC Recommends challenge for me. I still like Merit. I am not a big fan of Mallory or Catcher (or their relationship). I just cannot really connect to their characters. This is more or less the author's fault because the whole magic thing was never explained to my satisfaction.

This book seriously lacks the perspective of Mallory. I would have wished that Ms Neill would have incorporated at least a bit of what Mallory was doing, learning, what for etc. at some point in more than one sentence.

I am torn between 2 1/2 stars and 3 stars. Some passages of the book were only okay and other parts of the book I really liked Merit and her fellow vampires.

At some point I had the opinion that Ms Neill had not planned for a series of 10 books. A series with lesser books and more content would have been sufficient, but she brought Ethan back from the dead because he was the most popular character beside Merit. And to press more money from the vampire hype.