Unremembered - Jessica Brody cover
I like the colorful cover with orange streaks much better than the dark cover. That may correlate with the fact that I am sick of the dreary weather in spring and happy to read a book with a colorful cover.

my thoughts
The blurb fascinated me and I looked forward to read this book for a while. The idea itself - girl loses memory and tries to get her life back as well as gets hunted by the bad boys - is not new, but I thought that it had a nice twist with the time travel aspect. The unfolding love story between Zen and our female protagonist is innocent, which is a refreshing difference from other books on the market. I got wary of the insta love in other books, where both persons are all over each other almost in the first chapter *ugh*.

The story has drawn me in from the start when our female protagonist wakes up in her hospital bed and knows nothing. *duh* I do not like female protagonists who are whiny bitches and who are complaining all the time. Surprise, she is not this kind of girl which makes her likeable from the beginning. She also is an intelligent being who asks all the right questions from the start - why, who, what, where - again, that's something I can relate to.

I did not want to put it down, which is always important for me, because if it's interesting enough, I think about it even after I have finished it and talk a lot about it, which draws my friends to it and we can discuss our opinions together. A book which can entertain you even after you put it down is a good book. :)

I also did not want to stop reading it because every time I thought I would take a break, something happened and I wanted to know what would happen next. *bitch of a book*

As the ending is more or less left open, there is room for a sequel.

I thouroughly enjoyed the book :)