Biting Cold - Chloe Neill That was one of the better ones. There are always ups and downs in this series. I have yet to become used to it.

I definitely like the fact that Ethan is back in the picture. I have liked him since book #1 and was terribly sad when he turned up dead. Now that he is "alive" again I can enjoy him again bickering with Merit. Did the back and forth between them really come to an end?

I am still not satisfied with the Mallory part though. Less tears and more plot please. However, I do like that she is not in prison but the shifers are taking care of her punishment and that I like that she tries to atone for her sins. More explanations about the magic & a little history of the head of the order would have been appreciated (what was his name again? Al Baumann? He made such a short appearance that I cannot remember exactly. When someone pops up as a side character who is leading a whole fraction I would have at least dedicated him a paragraph. Just a suggestion!!).

Chloe Neill still treats her readers like children. I really do hate repetitions - things that have been explained already in earlier books are exploited again and again. Are you counting words?

Chloe Neill not at her very best but at least I look forward to the next one.