Croak - Gina Damico First I liked the cover, then I liked the idea in the book and what it was about, Grimm Reapers, scythes and black hoodies and finally I could not withstand anymore and bought a copy.

What a great read! I got sucked in immediately and couldn't let go of it. I devoured the book within hours.

I haven't read a funny book like this since a while and I was hooked. I really liked the main character Lex, at first a delinquent at school, then turning into a Killer when she got the business explained by her (cool) uncle in Croak and thrown right away in action. I also enjoyed the development with her partner, Driggs.

I didn't see it coming, the ending, that is. It was an absolutely fun read and I can't wait for the #2 book Scorch.