Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh Cover I don't like the cover. I am a sucker for beautiful covers and this cover just did not peak my interest at all. A grave error.

I was avoiding this series forever. It didn't even make it on my TBR. That changed when someone chose it for me for the September Recommends Challenge. I am grateful that Slave to Sensation was recommended to me, otherwise I would have missed out all the fun I had with Slave to Sensation.

I like character driven books. A hot steamy romance does not hurt either to make me swoon. I really grew fond of the characters, especially Lucas & Sascha the main characters but I also liked Tammy a lot. Tammy was full of life and felt just real to me. Lucas even made it on the list of yummy book boyfriends :)

I enjoy to read about strong characters and this book delivered. Sascha did not even know herself that she is strong (although the changelings and not her species the Psys sensed her strength within her) that made it even more exciting to follow her around. Lucas is a jaguar shifter, I am a sucker for good shifter characters and needless to repeat myself, but I will do it anyway, I fell in love with Lucas. YUM!