N.P. - Banana Yoshimoto, Ann Sherif I haven't read that since highschool and it was even better than I remembered or I liked it even better than the first time because of all the memories that came floating to the surface.

The story itself enfolds, as BY says in a microcosmos which consists of a bare minimum of characters and space. The characters involved are the protagonist Kazami (a translator working at the Anglistic institute of the uni) and Otohiko, Saki & Sui.

I think that was the first contact I made with a japanese author, other than that I only watched Anime on TV. It was also at that time that I fell in love with anything Japanese.

It was a very quick read, in retroperspective I think it was over too fast and I have to read it again sooner this time. When I was in high school themed reads couldn't have been over fast enough :)

I now have new fodder to think about for a while. BY's books always leave something behind, I can't describe it in words though. I enjoyed this revisit immensely.