Rock Chick - Kristen Ashley I have heard really good things about Kristen Ashley's books before but never quite made it or was convinced enough to try one. When it came to the Rock Chick series they said you either love or hate it. When I did not know what to read the other day I thought I could download the 1st Rock Chick book on my kindle and give it a try. So happy that I gave it a chance :)

I outright fell in love with Indy, I love bookstores, I love people who work in book stores and I love everything else about the first Rock Chick book. Normally, I do not tend to fall for the first book in a series, but this is the exception I think.

However, I never could imagine to fall in love with 5 yo. I might have had a kindergarten crush on one of my friends but I would never have thought that this kind of thing works that well in a book. Most of the time I avoid books where they are friends, best friends m/f and then fall in love and everything is going to hell :)

Let's turn to Lee for a second :) He is a bad boy with capital "B"s :) He really fits in Indy's world, she is a wild one and he obviously knows how to handle her or anything at all what comes their way. I also like that he is a PI and has an office full of hunky boys.

I do not have to share a bad word about any of the side characters which makes me also insanely happy.