Hardboiled and Hard Luck - Banana Yoshimoto, Michael Emmerich Hardboiled 5*

"just what i need right now" was the thought that crossed my mind when I picked up that little book. And I was right about that. The story eased my mind. I found it easy to relate to the story either because I like to be in the nature or because I like japanese ghost stories. I really enjoyed the story.

Hard Luck

A sad story that made me happy.

fav quotes

"Death isn't sad. What hurts is being drowned by these emotions".

"I want to run away, I thought - to escape this distant autumn sky."

"God, why I'm crying so much today?"
"It's not because you are sad, you know - it's the shock. The sense of shock you felt at the beginning is coming back for an encore now that the end is approaching. It takes time, and I doubt you are going to get used to it, either."