Larkstorm (The Sensitives, #1) - Dawn Rae Miller 2.5*

I was so excited when I got my hands on Larkstorm. Unfortunately, this book did not hold up to my expectations.

Lark and Beck are descendents of the founders of their society. Lark goes to school with Beck, her birthmate. They live in a society where the state chooses their job and mate. The school they go to is like a safehold for the children in this society, guarded from the Sensitives, the outcasts of this world. They are thought to be a threat and evil.
The pace of the story gets faster when Beck is accused to be a Sensitive and disappears from school. Lark's perfect and quiet life as role model ends upruptly, she does not know what happens, no one tells her anything. She runs away and is desparate to find and get back Beck.

With the location shift I felt something falling apart and in my opinion the first and second part of the story don't fit together. It's not like I did no like what was presented but the dystopia disappeared and we end up in a completely different environment which disturbed me. The emphasis is now on the development of Lark, which ends up in non-development in my eyes and the life with the truth she is presented with in a cruel way.

The one red string throughout the book is the romance between Lark and Beck. When in the first part of the book I kind of liked their affection for each other I was annoyed for the most of the time of the second part of the book. Somehow the lovey-dovey style crushed everything what I had hoped for - action. I got more and more annoyed by the lame Lark, who is all whiny now and weak and not likeable at all. Frustration built up because the plot did not unfold as I wanted it to - I wanted a female kick-ass heroine - which Lark is not and all of the happening if one could say so was too predictable. I was also annoyed that so little happened in the second part of the book or at least so little that could be recognized as something happening.

In the end both of them were like "I love you so much and I give you up to save you". Really, try harder please.

I cannot help but think there are parts where it's plot is weak, disturbing and frustrating.

But I have hope for the second book, please don't shatter it.