Library Book Haul - Up Next!

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Coraline - Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman Hounded - Kevin Hearne The Summer Book - Tove Jansson, Thomas Teal, Kathryn Davis The Bookman (The Bookman Histories #1) - Lavie Tidhar Firelight - Sophie Jordan Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Washington Irving The Poison Throne  - Celine Kiernan The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

I am only just befriending myself with the booklikes system, therefore my formatting might be off :(


Recently, I have been browsing the shelves at my library. I do this about every 10 days or so. I love grabbing books at the library :) Last time, I went especially crazy and brought home a total of 10 books (see the list above).


Now I am questioning myself what to read next. I do this frequently although I am currently cross-reading 6 books. I love nothing more than books (and my family but that does not count here) and love putting new books on my shelves virtually and in real life. 




1. Bonds of Justice (Book 8) + Angel's Blood (start a new series "Guild Hunter") by Nalini Singh


I fell in love with the Psy-Changeling series back in September 2013 - haha! that wasn't too long ago - when I started off with "Slave at Sensation" and I am now at Book 8: "Bonds of Justice" which I borrowed as well (lucky me). I have to admit that I was reading this one nearly non-stop :) Nalini Singh really is a gem, I love those steamy hot scenes, her writing is addicting. I figured when I like this series so much there is room for more and I can't be nothing wrong checking out the other one. I did not even read the blurb. Only when I hit home I opened the book and read the first few sentences (that's a habit of mine).


..."When Elena told people she was a vampire hunter ..." She had me with the first sentence :)


But... I fear that I compare it too much with the Psy-Changeling series, therefore I might wait just a little bit more before I start this and read book 8 in the meantime. Bad me!


2. Coraline by Neil Gaiman


This is for my buddy read with my book club :) I didn't watch the movie but maybe afterwards when I like it enough. We're focusing on the author Neil Gaiman including the new one "Ocean at the end of the lane" for which I striked a kindle deal (yay!). Ocean at the end of the lane will show up in November or December again. 


3. Hounded by Kevin Hearne (start a new series "The Iron Druid Chronicles")


I have heard the series is goodish and found out that my library has that one (yay! I don't need to spend extra money.) Therefore it ended up in my bag. It does not hurt that the protagonist is an Irish sword-wielding hot male :)


4. The Summer Book by Tove Janssen


The cover made me do it :) It's fall and I am a tiny bit sad that the summer is over again. Therefore I picked up a book that reminds me of summer.


5. The Bookman by Lavie Tidhar



Steampunk. That says it all.




6. Firelight by Sophie Jordan


Dragons. Dragon-Shapeshifters. That did it. I love to read books about dragons and this even has dragon-shapeshifters. 



7. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving


I don't read crazy scary stuff. I can't sleep when I read or watch stuff from nightmares, yes, I am that person, who needs to turn on the light in the unexpected case that I watched something scary on TV. But - it's Halloween - therefore I will read this little book. Love!



8. Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan



Good old fantasy with some magic thrown in for good measure.



9. Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


I tend to avoid hyped books like the pest but this gem has been recommended to me by good friends, so the book ended up in my bag.


"The circus arrives without warning." I love, love, love the intro. 




Hmmm. Which one will it be? I'm still not sure, they all sound good, which is why I picked them up in the first place. C'est mon, the decision is difficult this time.