The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1) - Julie Kagawa Coverlove: Definitely yes.

Will you read the 2nd book in the series? Definitely yes.


We meet Allison 'Allie' Sekemoto who lives in the Fringe, the outermost circle of the vampire city as a so called Unregistered human. This means she has no rights, none whatsoever. (cruel! hardship! survival!) Unregistered people are the outcasts of the society. Still she wants to keep the little freedom she has. Registered people are being cared for, at least they receive food from the vampires in exchange therefore the humans have to donate blood. Allie lives with her gang, other people who face the same circumstances as her in a rundown house. They hunt for food during the day, at night it is too dangerous because they could become the food themselves. Food is scarce in this world for people like Allie who reject the system of the vampires. The world (at least the one Allie knows of) is ruled by vampires, the city she lives in is ruled by vampires, they protect their food, the humans with a strong wall from the living beings outside of the town.

Outside of the town no rules exist but there are waiting the Rabids for their prey, vampires who are driven by their blood thirst only.

Allie despises vampires, though in the face of death, she decides that she wants to live on, even if she must turn into a vampire. That is when Kanin enters her life and she must learn how to survive as a vampire and drink human blood or turn mad.

The world building is great, I was able to get the hang really fast and still remember how the world looks and feels like.

Love Triangle: No. Please. Thank you!


- Allie: Allie is strong, I like her from the beginning. She is caring but also kicks ass. When she turns a vampire she gets faster, stronger, fangs and wields a katana. What's there not to love. More plz!

- Kanin: Allie's creator and a vampire master. He not only offered her a way to escape her death but also teaches her how to survive as a newborn vampire. I have a strong interest to read more about him.

- Ezekiel 'Zeke' Crosse: I can feel why people fell for him but he is too caring, too nice and sweet. He wants to put everything right, do everything for everyone. Not my cuppa of tea.

- others she met on her journey, I liked Caleb, the little one and really thought it awesome that she brought in a character like Ruth, I enjoyed hating her so much!

The End: I really had a problem with the ending. It was disappointing to close the 1st book like this.