Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1)

Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1) - Kallypso Masters I am not really into short stories and those are introductions to other books to follow. A really strange start to a series, but whatever.

I have finished the first story with Adam and the girl and I liked it, but then I saw that this story would be book #3. That baffled me. Why would someone put a story at the beginning of a book of short stories and then it would be released as book #3 in the actual series. *strange* I started to read into the second story but that one did not suit me at all. I am really unsure if I should read book #2 which I know I will not care for because of the characters to finally make it to book #3.

The other reviewers wrote that these books are to be read in order. So I have still no clue if I will ever start this series. ...