The Hallowed Ones

The Hallowed Ones - Laura Bickle Coverlove
The cover is suited for a horror/mystery book. I was immediately in the mood for the story.

My opinion

I started the book way back in February and gave up on it at 50%. This is not unusual for me. Sometimes I come this far and think that the world or character building just is not good enough to continue. At other times, the book takes a twist that makes it unbelievable for me and I would give up on it. This time, though, I thought that the content of the first half of the book could have been summarized in 3 sentences. Thus made me think twice of continuing BUT I've heard the prequel is so much better :) Therefore I gave it another shot today. I am someone who can remember a lot of things and as said before, I did not feel as there was a lot to miss in the first half, therefore I continued straight from where I've left the other time. Okay, I admit I reread one chapter, but that was it. I just suck at unfinished chapters, that's my habit. I can't stop mid-way in a chapter, that's a no-go. So for the second half of the book I can tell you that I liked it.

The character building of Katie made me want to know more, the slight mystery around Alex made me crave more and unfortunately, Elijah is a jerk. But I can live with that. As for all YA-based books there had to be somewhat of a love triangle but it did not disturb the flow of the main story. I could leave that aside and not bother at all.

There are a lot of parts that remain hidden, "in the dark" so to speak. I hope that these will be revealed in the prequel. Thumbs up for the prequel.