Dark Life (Dark Life, #1) - Kat Falls Coverlove I bought this book because the cover is gourgeous. Yes, I buy a lot of books where the synopsis is not the main criteria. This time it paid off.

My opinion

That's the first ever dystopia book I've read about the underwater world. It was really cool. I enjoyed how the author managed to make me imagine a beautiful underwater world and at the same time made me believe that living topside is not achievable. For once, it did not put me off that it was not explained what had lead people to live underwater.

Unfortunately, the character building was not that strong, therefore I had to deduct one star. Ty is a good male lead character though and he was believable. Gemma, the "Topsider" was a bit naive and I have a slight aversion of female characters like her.

The story was predictable, but had one or two nice twists towards the end. I still think if I should read the prequel or not.