The Deepest Cut (MacKinnon Curse #1)

The Deepest Cut (MacKinnon Curse #1) - J.A. Templeton Cover
I was drawn to the cover at first sight, if the protagonist would be anything like the girl on the cover, looking strong, beautiful and determined, I would like it.

My thoughts
The blurb was promising and I was excited to start it and thought I would get to enjoy a good ghost story with a little romance thrown into the mix and lotsa creepy moments. I was thoroughly disappointed. For about 50% of the book nothing really happended. Also, the characters in the book did not make that much of an impression at all *dull*.

It was like this: The girl who moved from the US to Scotland to live in an old spooky house falls instantly in love with a ghost who is cursed and she has to set him free of the same.

It annoyed me really that the main aspect of the book was not the ghost story but the sappy romance thingy.

I could not warm up to the wishy-washy mentality of our female protagonist Riley. The only cool thing about her is her name. She was annoying the hell out of me with:
1. I am in love with Ian
2. I want to set him free of the curse
3. but *duh* if I set him free he will move on to the next world and leave me all alone *sheds a few tears*
4. what am I gonna do
5. I set him free.

I wasted a few hours of my life to finish this one off and was so pissed about the wtf ending that I wanted to throw it in the next corner ... I only did not do it because the book is on my ereader and I love my ereader dearly.