The Kill Crew - Joseph D'Lacey Well, well. That's some awesome sh*t. I didn't think much of it when it laughed down at me from a displaying shelf at the library. The cover didn't particularly scream at me, but I thought it would give me a good time reading some short book inbetween the stuff I have to do. I must say that I had a good time reading that one.

It starts with a short introduction to the crumbling world Sheri finds herself in. Sheri is our protagonist here, a ballsy woman who roams the streets at night with the kill crew she finds herself on every other night voluntarily to kill off the Commuters.

On one day all electricity ceased to function (no TV, no radio and no internet connection anymore). (No TV, no problem. A world with no music or internet connection is a sh*tty place. There, I said it.) They are down to about 200 people, so called Stoppers, who live in a bounded and secured zone (The Station), watched with gunmen night and day. Outside, meaning in the town, roaming people at night, so called Commuters, with the goal to take down every living soul that's left. Its not the peoples town anymore but the Commuters.

It's a picture I can imagine myself in a few years or 20 or 50 years when some kind of weapon hits us and only a few of us make it, or aliens invade us *hahaha*. I easily connected to Sheri, her personality and her surroundings.

The end of the story got me. I saw it coming but still I keep thinking about it. Well done!