Unexpectantly satisfying

The Summer Book - Tove Jansson, Thomas Teal, Kathryn Davis

Looking at the cover, I easily dreamt myself to an island to spend my summer holidays on. Love it!


my thoughts

I picked up "The Summer Book" when the summer was already over and autumn greeted me with leaves falling from the trees. I was not quite ready to believe that the summer was over and therefore wanted to read "The Summer Book", as a reminder of summer.

As life goes and stuff happens I got sidetracked and found my way back to this little gem in November. It's almost winter now and the first snow fell already. My mood has switched and I want to read cozy or holiday themed books or so I thought. It's not at all fair to the book that I have those thoughts.

It is a cute little island in Finland where the story takes place. It needed some time but Sophia and her grandma have wormed their way into my heart. I felt that I've been welcomed in the midst of the family while reading. Each day chapter held a new adventure at the ready.


Finally, I can say: dear book, I will see you next year.